2021 Powder Keg HOG Scavenger Hunt!

2021 Powder Keg HOG Scavenger Hunt!




Chapter member must find / visit the places on the list below.  At each landmark/location/item, the Chapter Member must take a photo of themselves and their bike in such a way that it is obvious that you are at the correct landmark.   Finding these landmarks is an exercise in varying degrees of difficulty.  Please be mindful of all traffic regulations.  Please also be mindful of safety issues and do not place yourself or others in an unsafe situation just to take a photo!

Any evidence of photoshopping will be disqualified.

Members receive points as indicated for each item.  Some items have bonus points attached for going “above and beyond” and meeting additional requirements. 

Members will submit their scavenger success evidence (Photos) to [email protected] no later than October 31, 2021.  Winner will be determined by the total points received and will be announced at the November Chapter Meeting.  In the event of a tie, a drawing will be held at the November Chapter Meeting. 


  • Anderson Ferry   - 10
  • Augusta Ferry   - 10
  • Porta potty or public restroom - 10  
  • Entertainment Junction - 10
  • A Donut Shop – 10    plus 5 bonus points if you have a donut also in the photo, 10 bonus points if you are eating the donut while sitting on your bike in the photo
  • Little River Café and Grill - 10
  • Find the place near Lebanon where you can buy guns, ammo, and also plink some targets - 10
  • Stone House Tavern Waynesville - 10
  • 1572 Roadhouse BBQ - 10
  • Find a "Lick" in Ky – there are a lot of them, so find one for 10 points.  Each Additional “Lick” will get you 10 more points! 
  • American Sign Museum - 10
  • Front Street Café - 10
  • William Henry Harrison Monument - 10
  • Ansley's By the Lake – 10 
  • Statue of Liberty Replica - hint:  you may have to wander a bit to find this one - 10
  • Houston Woods Covered Bridge - 10
  • Liberty Tavern - 10
  • Young's Dairy – 10 plus 5 bonus points if you are eating ice cream with your bike in the photo
  • Whitewater Canal - 10
  • Rabbit Hash General Store - 10
  • Corwin Nixon Covered Bridge - 10
  • Police Station or Sheriff Office or State Highway Patrol Office (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana only) – 10 points, plus 5 bonus points if a Law Enforcement bike is also in the photo, and 5 bonus points if you get a uniformed officer to pose with you!  25 points if you can do this with Law Enforcement in a state OTHER THAN Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. 
  • Schoolhouse Restaurant - 10
  • Portsmouth Murals - 10
  • Any Museum – 10 points, 5 bonus points if it is a motorcycle or other vehicle museum
  • Skipper’s River Café
  • Germantown Covered Bridge – 10
  • Any other Covered Bridge – must be identifiable – 10 points
  • A State Park Entrance Sign – 5 points per park




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3 Comments - 2021 Powder Keg HOG Scavenger Hunt!

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US7251091 June 24, 2021


Looks like a lot of fun. Will be hard to do if, you are doing alot of chapter rides. Good look everyone.

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US8210613 August 08, 2021


I estimate that I have almost 300 points in two weeks. So good luck everyone on trying to catch up.

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US7251091 August 08, 2021


Wow, Steve ,sounds like you had a great time. We have done a little bit towards the Scavenger Hunt but, nothing like you .