2022 Quirky Quicky

2022 Quirky Quicky


They are Quirky! 

It’s a Quicky! 

The 2022 Quirky Quicky Challenge is a way to get out and ride when you have no place to go, but a half day to get there (and back!)

When it is a beautiful day, and you decide to call in sick to work, leave at lunch and forget to return, or you just need some two or three wheel therapy – this is the task for you!


Chapter member must find / visit the places on the list below.  At each landmark/location/item, the Chapter Member must take a photo of themselves and their bike in such a way that it is obvious that you are at the correct landmark.   Each landmark is no more than 90 minutes away from Powder Keg Harley Davidson.  Finding these landmarks is an exercise in varying degrees of difficulty.  Please be mindful of all traffic regulations.  Please also be mindful of safety issues and do not place yourself or others in an unsafe situation just to take a photo!

Any evidence of photoshopping will be disqualified.

Members will submit their scavenger success evidence (Photos) no later than October 31, 2022 to [email protected]   

Winner will be determined by the total points received and will be announced at the November Chapter Meeting.  In the event of a tie, a drawing will be held at the November Chapter Meeting.  Winner of the 2021 Scavenger Hunt is not eligible to win First Place in 2022. 


The Quirky Place List :

Urban Grill on Main in Newtown

Rabbit Hash General Store

Warped Wings

Cabana’s on the River

Buckeyes Jakes Eatery – Alexandria

Incline Public House

Bold Face Dairy Company

Big Ash Brewing

Nick’s in Xenia

Diggs Mason

Vinoklet Winery

Mac and Joe’s in Oxford

Caesar Creek State Park

Serpent Mound

Iron Pony Motorsports

The Monkey Bar

Big Bone Lick

Beaver Lick

Anderson Ferry

Pirates Cove

Augusta Ferry

Little River Café

1572 Roadhouse

Ansley’s Brookville

Young’s Dairy

Portsmouth Murals

Skipper’s River Café

Stonehouse Tavern

Hueston Woods Covered Bridge


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