Ride 365

Ride 365

What is Ride 365?
Ride 365 is The Official Mileage Recognition Program for The Official Riding Club of Harley-Davidson.  Ride 365 includes the existing Lifetime Recognition and two new programs — Annual Recognition and an annual Chapter Challenge.

In 2022, Powder Keg Hog Chapter 4035 will continue participating in RIDE 365 program!

This program allows members to collect miles not only as individuals, but as a Chapter.  The more members that register for Ride 365, the more miles we can record to compete with other Chapters abroad! Ride 365 does three things.  First, it will track your individual lifetime miles.  Any miles that you had registered with HOG in the past will merge into this program to automatically keep your mileage patches and pins coming your way.  Second, it will track your annual or yearly miles from January through December.  If you have any questions, just ask Road Captain Ken Cornett and he'll help you out.  Third, the annual or yearly mileage is tracked simultaneously for total Chapter mileage for competition against other Chapters.  There are great rewards for this program regarding recognition!  But we have to earn them. 

How do I get started you ask?  It’s simple!  You will need to bring your bike or trike to Powder Keg or any Harley Davidson dealership and have your mileage read by them. They will also need your VIN#.  Once you are in the system, you will be able to check your own miles on Harley Davidson’s website.  You will have to register at HOG if you haven’t already, then login to the Ride 365 program and you will see your earned miles and badges.  It’s that easy!  Take 15 minutes to get this done and if you have any questions, send them to Ken! 


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