Thank You Letter from Cancer Free Kids

Thank You Letter from Cancer Free Kids

Chapter Members:

Attached is a Thank You letter from Cancer Free Kids for the donation of the total net 2021 proceeds from the monthly Chapter Meeting raffle. 

For those of you who are unaware of the raffle or the way it works; at each monthly Chapter meeting two $25 PK gift cards are raffled off. The net proceeds are accumulated and donated to Cancer Free Kids on an annual basis.  No Chapter funds are ever utilized for any costs incurred for any aspect of this raffle, including the purchase of the gift cards, the raffle tickets or the donation itself.  Thus, we are able to support Cancer Free Kids at no cost to either the Chapter or the Charity.

I would like to personally thank all who have participated in the raffle and encourage the rest of the members to take a chance and help support this very worthwhile local charity.  

Thanks again.


Fred VanPelt
Powder Keg Chapter


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